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Basic Slot Machine Strategy

We could all do with a bit more luck, so we're brought you some of the basic strategies for winning at the slots.

Find the highest payout's

Every slot machine should have it's payout percentage listed somewhere. These can be tricky to find sometimes, but it's worth looking for. Payout percentages can vary wildly between 70% and up to 97% so it's worth playing the machines with the higher payout figures so that you will be getting a better return fro your money.

Know what promotions and bonuses are available

Every casino gives out something to their customers. Online casinos give out bonuses for deposits and loyalty. Real life casinos often have promotions and loyalty programs too. find out what the casino will give back to you before you play, and get what you deserve for playing.

Always play at the maximum coins

This is because most machines won't let you be eligible for the jackpots or bonuses when you are playing less then the maximum coins. If the maximum coins is to much on one machine, switch the a lower coin value of the same machine and go for the maximum bets there.

Stick to single line play for extended times

When you want to play for longer, play only a single line. You'll be able to be in the running for the jackpots still and you'll save yourself a lot of money and really draw out your time on the slot machines.

Manage your money

Keep a track of what you are going to spend and how long you are going to give yourself to spend it. There's nothing worse then running out of money half way through a night because you haven't kept yourself in check.

Stick to your limits

You should ALWAYS set limits on how long you are going to play for, how much you are willing to risk in that session, and how much you are going to win in that session. When any one of these limits hits, make sure you stick to it!

Also, check out our Advanced Slot Strategies for more tips.

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