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Online Slots Vs. Real-Life Slots

We all know that the differences between online slits and real-life slot machines are pretty small. After all, both slot machine types use the same sort of reels, symbols, and a lot of times play the same games. Because there's so many similarities, which one is better, if any? We have posed these points for you to hopefully illustrate what we see as the advantages and disadvantages of each type so that you can make your mind up for yourself.

1. Where are you playing?

Where can you play slot machines near you? Odds are there aren't many of us that re lucky enough to live anywhere near a casino. Plying slot machines at an online casino brings the casino to you, not the other way around.

2. Did you say free practice games?

When is the last time that you saw a free slot machine game in a real-life casino? Never! Online casinos offer free games, including slot machines, so that you can try the games, see what they are like and find the ones that you really like before you risk gambling your own money.

3. Keeping it anonymous

When you play at at real life casino, everyone can see you, and that means that everyone can see how much you win and how much you have in your wallet or purse. When you play online, whatever money you have in your account and whatever money you win is only known by you and the casino. This means that not even your spouse, your boss or anyone else knows about it. This security sure beats walking around with a few $100 in cash!

4. How much is that plane ticket?

Not all of us can love in Las Vegas, so a trip to the slot machines involves babysitters, putting the pets in kennels, organizing holidays from work, booking plane tickets, hotel rooms, and then there's all the extra meals and other expenses.. and all this just to have a go on the slot machines!

5. Someone's sitting at my favorite machine

Isn't it frustrating when you want to play a machine but there's already someone on it? You have to sit back, wait, play some other inferior machine when you could be winning on the one that you want to be playing. Well, online casinos send you the machine that you want every time as soon as you ask for it. No more waiting, no wondering when you'll get your chance, you're there straight away.

6. Will the lines never end?

How long have you had to wait in line for the cashier at the casino, with all the other people. It doesn't matter if you're getting your money changed for coins, or you're cashing the coins from your winnings in to real notes, there's always a wait.

When you play online, most deposits to the casinos are instant, and withdrawals are always very fast. On top of this you won't ever accidentally leave behind a cup of coins...

7. What is that person over there doing?

we all know that sitting at a real-life slot machine you always look around you to see what every one else is doing, just out of curiosity. This is fun to do, but does distract you from your game.

When you play slot machines online there are no distractions, no other things to look at. it's just you and the machine. This lets you be serious about your playing.

8. What did I just do?

When you play real-life slots, you're always pressing the buttons and just going again. With online slots you can take the time to note what you've done, where you're up to, and think about what you should do next.

The Results

With all the plusses, we think that playing slot machines online has to be the better way to go. there's no fuss, no confusion, your favorite machine is always available and you can play whenever you want, for as long or as short a time as you feel like.

When you add it all up, online slits are definitely the smart choice.

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