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Sot Machines F.A.Q.

These are the answers to the most commonly asked questions that we have been asked, and we bring them to you so that you can have a better understanding of online slots.

Are the results really random?
Yes! Every slot machine that is available online has been checked and certified to be totally random to give players the fairest chances of winning.

Do the symbols get weighted?
Not in the same way that they used to be in real life machines, but yes they are. Different symbols have more chance of being spun then other symbols. That's how the odds for the slot machines are worked out. It's all about beating those odds.

Should I play a higher denomination machine?
Only if you can afford to. Higher denomination machines usually have a slightly higher payout percentage, but if you haven't got a bank roll that will sustain playing on them, it's pointless to go up to that level.

Should I buy a slot machine for myself?
if you are really that much into the machines, then one for home could be fun. Of course, you won't be able to bet any real money in it, or win any real money, but the fun of the game is still there.

Is it good luck for the machine to be warm to touch?
Not at all. All real-life slot machines will be warm to the touch because of the computer systems and mechanical parts inside them as well as all of the lights and sounds. Every slot machine gets warm, so a warm machine will have no better chance of paying out then any other machine.

Should I use the "Gamble" feature?
The "Gamble" feature is a 50/50 bet, so sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. It's really up to you, but most of the time we recommend that you don't use the gamble feature on large wins because there's nothing worse then winning big, but giving it all back again so quickly.

What is a good system for beating slot machines?
There really isn't any. Overall, the longer you play, the more you'll lose. What you need to do is look at playing slots as entertainment and fun, with a chance of a reward. Don't ever expect to win or you'll usually walk away disappointed.

How can I see the payout percentage?
Some slot machines have the payout percentage on them, others will have it hidden away in the "Help" systems and some may not have it listed anywhere at all.The payout percentage doesn't make that much of a difference these days because all casinos have to offer high percentages to keep customers, so the differences are very small.

How can some casinos have 100% payout slots?
This is easy. Those slot machines are put there to get players into the casinos. Those slots do have a 100% payout figure which means that you (in theory) should not loose on them. But, these games are usually slower, not very interesting, and because of this, most players try other machines and games, and that is where the casinos start to make money from these games.

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