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Tips For Playing Slot Machines

1. Always make sure that you read the payout information and percentages, that way you'll know what the best machines are

2. Determine how you are going to manage your bankroll for that night and make sure you stick to that plan!

3. if you can't afford the maximum bet on one machine, switch to a machine with fewer reels or a lower denomination so that you can still be in the running for the jackpots.

4. Make sure you look for the progressive jackpot slots that are the highest. This means that they haven't paid out for the longest time.

5. Make sure that you you look for the machines that offer the best rewards, comp points and bonuses so that you can maximize your rewards for playing at that casino.

6. Don't play more then you normally would in bets or lines just to increase your comp points. Just play as you normally would. The comp points will build up in time.

7. Your better off looking for a machine that has a higher payback to increase your chances of walking away a winner rather then playing a machine that pays out more often but also pays out less.

8. If your lucky enough to find a slot machine in a casino that seems to be working for you at that time, keep playing until the machine changes it's ways, and then try to find another machine. Swapping machines can have some good advantages.

9. You should never assume that you're going to start winning soon just because you've sat playing the same machine all night. The payout's are still random, so the chances are just the same no matter what. You've got just as much chance of winning on a fresh machine as a stale one.

10. There are times when you just can't loose. That's not to say that you will continue winning all the time, but if your luck is running hot, it may pay to try a spin or two on one of the bigger progressive jackpot machines and see what you can come up with.

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